Great article about planning how you will spend your time in retirement. As the author of this Forbes article points out…”Retirement is often equated with a new found feeling of freedom – freedom from the daily commute, freedom from daylight hours structured by someone else five or more days a week, and freedom from having to choose between work and family or any other activity deemed more rewarding.”

Do you know what you will be doing on any given Tuesday in retirement?

Tuesday is one of those days that not as much happens- it is not a weekend, nor a Thursday of Friday heading into a weekend. The author continues, “Tuesday is a virtual stress test of your retirement goal-setting and planning of how you will actually live life after work – real life not the fabled life in our retirement imagination or popular imagery.”

The article includes additional thoughts about how the vision of retirement is typically framed, the length of retirement, how retirees spend their time in retirement, and how we have a cognitive bias when we think back and when we think forward in time and about life events. We tend to focus on and recall peak events.

Sorry, I couldn’t help but using a photo that perpetuates the stereotype of how we think about and plan for retirement. My bad! It doesn’t always need to include water!

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