Keep this one sentence in mind as you think about retirement:

But who teaches you how to live in retirement?

This article from Forbes is from awhile back, but the message is, and will continue to be, extremely important.

Another great point in the article by the author: “Retirement is perhaps the largest purchase you will ever make. And it is a purchase”

The primary focus of retirement is usually only about the numbers- how much money do you have saved to retire and what age should I retire.  Instead, look at how you want to LIVE during this time and then create a financial plan for retirement that supports your lifestyle.

If you think about retirement as a purchase, how do you wan to get the most use and best use from this purchase.  What will you receive for what you paid?

Let me help you create a plan for living a purposeful retirement. You can contact me at Reid@MyLifesEncore or at 952-994-8937.

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