Companies that fail to take advantage of expanding work spans are leaving value and money on the table. Career and retirement planning used to be straightforward: You climbed the career ladder before leaving to enjoy a couple of twilight decades of retirement. But not anymore!

The article points out way retirement is being viewed is changing. Three types of retirees are emerging: The “clean breakers” (full retirement), the “re-inventors” (transition to part-time work) and the “never-stoppers” (no retirement).

Depending upon where you fall in the spectrum, each requires a very different approach to planning for retirement- both from financial AND non-financial perspectives.

The author also makes the important point of why companies should take note of the strong interest among older workers to continue working.

Although many workers would like to continue working for a variety of reasons, see the next article, also from USA Today, about the reality that this is often more challenging for individuals than they might think.

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