As this article in Chief magazine begins…”Virginia Walker, a former C-Suite executive who held both CFO and EVP positions and also ran her own consulting company, has just completed a 12-year term on a public company board and accepted an advisory role with a university mentoring program. Walker, who is in her 70s, is in the process of interviewing for two board positions and is very aware of how people view older business women — not all of it kindly.

But age, she says, has not slowed her down from pursuing a broad set of career goals.

She states:

“This moment we find ourselves in today is by far the most exciting and challenging I have ever experienced. I cannot imagine sitting on the sidelines, turning away from opportunities to participate and make a difference. Not now.” 

“There are times when I question, Is age going to make a difference in someone’s perception of me? But that leaves me pretty quickly. There are things that I am pursuing right now and I don’t think it is a pipe dream to achieve them.””

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