I enjoy articles like this (this one from MarketWatch) that challenge our thinking- just check the responses following it to see how differently people look at living longer and the points the author is presenting.

(Spoiler Alert)…the author says the research study refers to the one thing is… live in a walkable urban area.

While I don’t dispute the results, I think the answer is really lies beyond just living in a walkable urban area.

Being in an urban area also provides easy access and opportunities to participate in social events (i.e. concerts, theater, sporting events), restaurants and other businesses for things you need can be reached by walking.

So, the answer might be a broader combination of exercise (walking to get places), socialization (being around and with others and drawing energy from this), mental stimulation (interacting with others and events), and refusing to stay or being isolated (exploring what your urban area has to offer).  The last one is a big one that doesn’t get enough attention- although it is being discussed more in light of Covid-19.

You certainly can do each of these whether living in suburbia, in a smaller community, or in the middle of the woods by yourself- but it may take a little more motivation on your part.

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