Lately I have been very curious about the notion of a retirement makeover. So many of the clients I work with seem to want to go on what I call the reinvention tour regarding their life in retirement.  And what would happen if the changes could be both internal and external?  How could you or your clients take advantage of this opportunity?

With the popularity of makeover features in the news and on television, it is apparent that people are eager to make cosmetic changes in their lives. But what would happen if a retirement coach approached you on the street and offered you a makeover? What would you want to change?

Most individuals would jump at the chance of a retirement makeover. How many of you are really working at a job that is aligned with your passion? Can you say that you love what you are doing and you get excited about getting up in the morning to go to work? Does your job fit with your skills, talents, interests and abilities? Would you throw it all away for that career you always wanted but did not feel you could choose because of obligations or circumstances in your life at the time of your career selection? What would you make over in your work arena? Would you stay in the same occupation, but change your place of employment? Or would you just want to start a consulting business? How about using all your talents in a not for profit or volunteer capacity? How would you change your retirement if you had the opportunity?

Rather than rhinoplasty or liposuction, an internal makeover offers an opportunity for change from the inside out. What would you want to change for your internal retirement makeover?

Would you eliminate fear from your life? It is often fear that keeps you from moving forward, from taking risks and reaching your goals.  Would you eliminate procrastination? Perhaps you would like to be more responsible in your actions and choices or have more integrity and be authentic.  Would you opt to inject more fun into your life, to overrun the nagging inability to let yourself be free and enjoy life from the perspective of a child, where everything comes from a place of joy and wonder?

Is the idea of this kind of makeover intriguing to you? What can you do to initiate your own retirement makeover?

Start with these simple ideas. First look at your current situation, and vow to be honest about the circumstances. If you are really at odds with your life, commit to taking the action needed to change the situation. Review your values to see if they are in sync with your life. Do the introspective work to get in touch with your passion. Keep a journal, hire a retirement coach, tap into your creative presence and spend some time being honest about the skills you want to use.

Set some goals that start moving you in the direction you want to go.  What one small step will get you out of your comfort zone? It could be joining toastmasters to overcome your fear of public speaking or vowing to be more responsible with your money by agreeing to meet with a financial planner. It could mean creating a daily checklist to overcome procrastination by putting more structure in your life or inserting a weekly fun time for yourself and /or your family.

The intrigue of seeing a cosmetic makeover is always the picture at the end of the makeover and the same will be true of your retirement makeover, starting from the inside out.


Joanne possesses 30 years’ experience in transition management, career development, coaching and retirement. She has an extensive background as a webinar leader training coaches with International Coach Academy, Coaching Cognition and for fourteen years as the Director of Training with Retirement Options. Joanne is the owner of New Perspective Coaching where she works with baby boomers looking to plan their reinvention into retirement. Joanne is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a nationally certified Gerontological Counselor. A Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, a Board-Certified Coach, in 2009, she was selected the Career Practitioner of the Year from the National Career Development Association.  Contact Joanne at 314-469-3288 or