There is no expiration date on self-discovery. That perception from Ken Dychtwald, psychologist, gerontologist, and founder and chief executive of Age Wave, a consulting and research company, speaks to the core of what has driven him for nearly five decades: to explore ways we can navigate longer life spans.

What is radical curiosity?

It’s asking questions and trying to learn from people who are a little wiser and a little more experienced than you. Having curiosity has been a driving force in my life.

The interviewee has spent just under 50 years digging around, asking around, being guided and doing studies and what I have found is that many people nearing retirement, or already retired, are unclear on who they could be, and whether to work or not, and how much money they’ll need, and how to find a new purpose and how to make new friends and where to live. These are all these aging issues that take radical curiosity.

We can learn and apply from his experience and wisdom.

Stay curious my friends!

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