Some excellent points to begin the article, “Retirement can feel like a strange time for many people. Gone is the routine of work, your time is your own – in theory. How to stop chores from taking over can become a tricky balance. Some people retreat and return to work. Often, those that persevere find they are as busy as ever – but not always with the fun leisurely activities they were looking forward to.

It’s strange that this is so often the case because retirement is something many of us look forward to for most of our working lives. Indeed, it’s the one time in life when you can really devote yourself to hobbies and interests, leisure and pleasure.

This uncertain picture means that approaching retirement can be a time of fear – retirement anxiety is a real thing. So too are the retirement blues.”

Planning your lifestyle in retirement, along with planning the financial side, can ease the anxiety, fear, and uncertainty. And, as the author points out, perseverance is key-it often takes people awhile to figure out what comes next. Planning can also reduce the time it takes for a person to figure out what comes next.

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