The author of this Forbes article explains how “retirement” is not what it used to be- full of extra time (longevity) and opportunities.

A couple of my favorite quotes…

“Plenty of individuals, upon reaching financial freedom, choose to volunteer or start projects. They might even work for money, but the point is they don’t have to.

There’s no fitting term to describe this group, and “retired” is misleading. “Financially free with the power to choose” is a bit of a mouthful. More people are entering this camp and there’s no useful or uniform way of describing it.”

“Prolific writer Moira Black’s suggestions include Life 2.5, with the two being what you’ve experienced and the 0.5 being that little something extra. Encore, or Next Act, signalling that there’s something still to come. She borrows the Spanish term for retirement, jubalacion, saying it sounds optimistic and joyful.”

I personally like ENCORE- but I may be a tad biased!

Find what you CHOOSE to do now that you have the FREEDOM to EXPLORE and MAKE A MEANINGFUL DIFFERENCE- in your life and the lives of others.

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