What We Do

We partner with financial advisors who want to provide retirement lifestyle planning solutions to help their clients create their ideal life in retirement.

A successful retirement balances the non-financial aspects of retirement- the physical, mental, social and spiritual- along with the financial aspects. Both parts need to be planned for to achieve a successful and happy retirement.

Meeting clients where they are at in their retirement journey is My Life’s Encore goal when working with clients.

Each client has different retirement dreams and ways of preparing for this transition that works best for them.

The program is a collaboration of retirement and longevity experts- each with experience in retirement transitions and successfully navigating retirement. Together this group provides broad and comprehensive planning for life in retirement.

You select the way(s) you would like to deliver this guidance to your clients and we make it happen!


The Retirement Lifestyle Design Program

The program includes the following elements to guide clients in creating a retirement lifestyle that is successful and happy.
  • Education– understanding the benefits of creating a vision of retirement is the first step.
Guiding and inspiring clients toward action is also important for success and happiness in retirement. We do this done in the following ways:
  • Coaching– both individual and couples coaching is available to help clients design a vision of their ideal life in retirement.

  • Content– custom and curated content for you to share with clients (and prospects) on the non-financial aspects of retirement

  • Webinars– a series of webinars that helps clients (and prospects) see the possibilities in a 25+ year retirement. Each webinar helps clients and prospects understand and envision how these aspects come together to create their ideal retirement.

  • Resources– books, websites, blogs, services, products, and worksheets to help clients plan life in retirement.

  • Program Integration– work with advisors (and advisory firm staffs) to integrate the Retirement Lifestyle Design Program into the firm’s client experience.

We do the coaching so you don’t have to!

Contact Reid at reid@mylifesencore or at 952-994-8937 to learn how we can help your clients achieve their ideal Encore.