Coaching & Speaking

My Life’s Encore offers one-on-one (typically a couple) and group coaching to help you understand and prepare for the potential challenges. It also helps clients balance the physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects of retirement with the financial aspects.  I call it creating your ‘Encore Portfolio‘.

Retirement is often only thought of in financial terms- saving enough to retire and making sure it lasts long enough during retirement. Planning for the non-financial aspects of retirement is equally as important for creating a well- balanced, meaningful, and enjoyable retirement.

One-on-one coaching allows us to explore the various areas of your life to make sure you are living a balanced encore full of meaning. It includes multiple meetings as we go through a process designed to dig into your thoughts and feelings about retirement to explore what is important to you, identify needed changes, and create a plan to follow for a rewarding encore.

Individual coaching can be done in-person or can be done online through video conferencing. This allows me to work with clients who cannot meet face-to- face and also allows me to work with clients not located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

Group coaching and speaking is provided to groups and is more geared toward helping attendees understand the various challenges of retirement and how to develop a plan for living a rewarding and enjoyable encore. Group sessions are typically conducted in-person.

In both the one-on-one and group sessions, we go through a variety of worksheets and exercises, a written process, designed to explore the various areas of your life and help create an Encore Portfolio for a happy and meaningful encore that is unique to each client.

Contact Reid at reid@mylifesencore or by calling 952-994-8937 to find out how one-on-one or group coaching or speaking can help you or your group or organization achieve a no-regrets Encore Portfolio.

About Reid Stone

Reid is the Founder of My Life’s Encore. He has been in the financial planning industry for 20 years primarily managing firm operations, administration and technology. From this experience, Reid noticed that while clients spend a great amount of time and effort working with their advisors to plan for their financial future during retirement, they often do not plan for the physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects of retirement. These non-financial aspects are vitally important for leading a happy, healthy, enjoyable and meaningful encore.

Reid holds a BS in Finance and Insurance & Real Estate as well as an MBA from Minnesota State University Mankato. He has a Certificate in Financial Planning and is a Certified Professional Retirement Coach.