Non-Financial Retirement Planning Research

(for some of the reports the qualitative aspects are missing-
these shouldn’t be overlooked!)


Financial Literacy and Retirement Fluency: New Insights for Improving
Financial Well-Being

The 2024 TIAA Institute-GFLEC Personal Finance Index
TIAA Institute and Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center (GFLEC), 2024

Guide to Retirement
J.P. Morgan Asset Management, 2024

Fantastic charts and graphs. Page 8 of the 52 page report is particularly important- and the only slide that points out the qualitative factors.

Retirement Happiness Study, 2024


Retirement Matters
Actuaries Institute, December 2023.

Should Advisors Support Clients In Achieving Non-Financial Goals?
Absolute Engagement, November 2023.

Longevity Risk: An Essay
The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, October 2023.

Retirement Mindset Matters: Exploring the Mindset of Retirement Savers
Goldman Sachs Asset Management in collaboration with Syntonic, July 2023.

An Unrecognizable Barrier to Retirement Income Security:
Poor Longevity Literacy

TIAA Institute and The George Washington University and Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center (GFLEC), 2023.

Redefining the Ideal Retirement
Empower, September 2023.

Life in Retirement: Pre-Retiree Expectations and Retiree Realities
Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, September 2023.

“Unretiring”: Why Recent Retirees Want to Go Back to Work
T. Rowe Price, 2023.

The New Age of Aging: A Landmark Age Wave Study
Age Wave, August, 2023.

Retirement Perspectives and Attitudes Survey.
The Retirement Manifesto and Retire With Possibilities, May 2023.

The author of the Retirement Manifesto blog also wrote a summary of the full report. The two authors also share their thoughts on the responses.

The Great Retirement Disconnect
Retirement Coaches Association, May 2023.

Resilient Choices: Trade-Offs, Adjustments, and Course Corrections to
Thrive in Retirement

Edward Jones and Age Wave, 2023.

Living Longer, Better: Understanding Longevity Literacy
World Economic Forum and Mercer, June 2023.

New Life, Old Life
Fidelity International, January 2023.


Disconnected: Reality vs. Perception in Retirement Planning
Stanford Center on Longevity, October 2022.

This robust body of work is organized as follows:

  • Disconnected: Perception vs. Reality in Retirement Planning is their primary report that synthesizes and summarizes the findings from our research. Read more
  • The Retirement Planning Disconnect: Deep Dive provides more details from the survey and includes qualitative insights on the strategies discussed in their primary report based on our interviews with experts and interviews with the pre-retirees and retirees. Read more
  • Leveraging Psychological Science to Motivate Retirement Planning is their literature review of research on decision-making with a focus on the transition to retirement. Read more
  • The Retirement Planning Disconnect summarizes the statistical results from the survey of 2,000 U.S. retirees and pre-retirees conducted by Greenwald & Associates. Read more

Financial Literacy, Longevity Literacy, and Retirement Readiness-The 2022 TIAA Institute-GFLEC Personal Finance Index
TIAA and The George Washington University Global Financial Literacy Excellence Center (GFLEC), 2022.

Retirement: The Now and the Then
Fidelity International (Australia), March 2022.

Longevity and the New Journey of Retirement
The third study from Edward Jones and Age Wave, 2022.

On the Cusp of Change: North American Wealth Management in 2030
McKinsey & Company, 2022.

More Frightening Than Death: Fear & Loathing In Retirement
A study by Zety, updated April 2022.


The Four Pillars of the New Retirement: What a Difference a Year Makes
An Edward Jones and Age Wave Study, June 2021. A follow-up study to their 2020 study The Four Pillars of the New Retirement.

Evolving Client-Adviser Conversations and The Future of Advice*
by Alexa Balmuth; Lauren Cerino; Julie Miller, PhD; Adam Felts; and Joseph F. Coughlin, PhD. Journal of Financial Planning, December 2021.

The Death of Retirement: New Thinking on the Next Chapter
A study by Savant Wealth Management and Absolute Engagement, September 2021.

Path to Prosperity: The Guardian Study of Financial and Emotional Confidence
Guardian, 2021.


Beyond Finances: Holistic Life Planning Trends Among Advisors
a study from Equitable and IN Research. 2020.

The Future of the Client-Advisor Relationships
a study by AIG Life & Retirement and MIT AgeLab, 2020.

The Four Pillars of the New Retirement
Edward Jones and Age Wave, 2020.

Three Principles of Holistic Wealth Planning
Fidelity Institutional Insights, 2020.

The Changing Face of Retirement Planning– A Three-Part Series, Reid Stone, Q1 2020.

Part 1- What the Research Is Telling Us
Part 2- Taking Advantage of What the Research Is Telling Us
Part 3- Linking the Demographics With the Research

2019 and Prior

The Strategic Value of Helping Clients Plan Their Ideal Lifestyle In Retirement, Reid Stone, Q4 2019 (Download a FREE copy)

The Missing Link Between Retirement Readiness, Longevity, Wealth
Management 3.0, and Transition Planning

Reid Stone,, November, 2019.

Time Allocations and Self-Reported Happiness of Retirees: An Exploratory Study*, Guo, Tao PhD, CFP; Cheng, Yuanshan, PhD, CFP;  Gibson, Philip, PhD, CFP; and Pantuosco, Louis J., PhD, Journal of Financial Planning , March, 2019.

Reimagining Retirement: Longevity and Its Opportunities
Retirement Management Journal, Robert Powell interview with Joseph Coughlin, Volume 7, Number 1, 2018.

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