Non-Financial Retirement and Longevity Planning Resources

There is a lot being written about the importance of planning for the non-financial side of retirement. More and more articles and research are being published. It is becoming harder and harder to keep up on the research, what it is telling us, and more importantly, how we can implement what the research is saying.

The resources below are intended for financial advisory firms as references to learn about this increasingly important topic. These are the resources I have found helpful in learning why non-financial planning for retirement is important.

After reading much of this research (that comes from the financial advice industry) the reader is often left wondering “Wow, this is great! I’d like to provide this type of guidance to my clients. I can really see how it benefits my clients and my firm. But how do I go about implementing this guidance to benefit my clients and my firm?”

This is what My Life’s Encore does-we help you implement longevity lifestyle planning to benefit your clients AND your firm.

I created My Life’s Encore-to Educate, Inspire, Guide, and Connect the resources and solutions to help financial advisors provide non-financial retirement and longevity planning to their clients. A vital missing piece in planning a successful retirement.

The list includes the best resources I have come across and is intended to identify many of the best resources IMO-it is not intended to be an all-inclusive list.

Research & Articles



As you read the research and articles, look at what the study is telling you and how you can use what the research is saying to differentiate your business.

The Websites for the General Public can be shared with clients to help them begin understanding and planning for the many non-financial aspects to live a happy and successful retirement.

This page will be updated as I become aware of new resources.