Meet the ‘Oldfluencers’ like Vivian Boyko-she adjusts her ring light, freshens up her lipstick and tucks a loose strand of hair into her I Love Lucy red wig. 3-2-1 — record.

Boyko is considered an “Oldfluencer.” One of a growing number of people over 58 who is putting a new spin on what it means to age-and doing it on their own terms.  She’s part of the baby boom generation, born between 1946-1964, that is healthier, wealthier and more influential than any age group that came before them. Other individuals changing the way retirement is experienced are featured in the article.

Why is this important? While age might not matter to boomers, it should matter to companies. As one of the experts interviewed for the article points out:

“You have boomers who actually have a lot of money, a lot of leisure, and also with the increase in life expectancy. I mean, if you’ve got a boomer on your side as a good customer, when they turn 60, there’s a good chance they’ll still be your customer and most of them will live till they’re 80.” Note: Many will live longer than 80.

This value of catering to this group is true no matter the business you are in-and it definitely includes the financial services industry.

Think of your clients and their needs in retirement.

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