A different take on the other USA Today article I included in this week’s posts. Although many people would like to continue working they are finding the road difficult.

The article shares an example: Randy Seacat expected to retire at 75 if he retired at all. The labor market had other plans. Seacat lost his customer support job at Amazon Web Services in late 2020, at age 58. He has not found work since, even after applying for more than 1,700 jobs. Now 61, he submitted application No. 1,746 the other day but still has no job.

If you’re one of many Americans who think you’ll work till 75 or 70, or even 65, think again.

Don’t assume things will just work out and that you will continue doing what you are doing. Consider you alternatives.
Create a backup plan(s).
Do this type of planning years in advance of any possible curveballs thrown your way.

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