How We Do It

How we do it.

We believe that educating clients about the non-financial aspects is important-but also that people want to learn about it in a variety of ways. Different people learn best in different ways. Learning is important, but actually walking with people along their journey and providing the guidance when they need it is the key to solving their problems.

We provide Education, Inspiration, Guidance, Connection, and if needed, an accountability partner(s) through the following ways:

  • The process begins with a retirement readiness (Retirement Quotient (RQ)assessment to look at where a person currently stands in understanding the various aspects of a successful retirement and identify the non-financial aspects they may want to focus on to make a smoother transition. A successful initial transition is critical from our experience.
  • One-on-one couples or individual coaching-provides clients the opportunity to share their thoughts with their coach in a one-on-one format.
  • Group coaching-gives the person the option of sharing their thoughts with others as well as hearing ideas and feelings of others as they make the transition. This is a guided process with the help of a Certified Professional Retirement Coach (CPRC). They are experienced with helping clients make this transition and have gone through this transition themselves. They know the thoughts and feelings people have approaching retirement.
  • Webinars-events to educate clients and prospects on the areas to plan for when considering retirement.
  • Longevity Resources-access to experts on topics focused on the issues and challenges we face as we age through retirement. (MORE DETAILS COMING SOON)

To learn more about the Six Facets of Longevity Planning, let’s schedule a Zoom call. I will show you how the Longevity Network can how your clients and your firm..

Contact Reid at reid@mylifesencore or at 952-994-8937 to learn how we can help your current clients, attract the right prospects, and how helping clients plan for the non-financial side of retirement can benefit your firm.