One of the things I have wanted to do is to highlight resources that readers can use in their journey living their ideal lifestyle in retirement.  Part of that journey involves find something new to focus on- particularly if you leave your career either voluntarily or involuntarily.

The recent economic environment, spurred on by Covid-19, has caused many people to retire earlier than they wanted or expected- or they have been forced to make a change and find something new.  That “something new” for people could be starting their own business.

The Founder of Retirement Redefinition, Mike Lieberman, and I spoke recently and had the opportunity to learn about each other’s businesses. Mike helps retirees start an online business that fits their retirement lifestyle. Visit his website to learn more and sign up to receive updates to new articles with actionable ideas to transform your retirement.

I also know the retirement coach he interviewed for the article- Ruth Tongen- excellent article to help identify a business that excites you!

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