Free White Paper For Financial Advisors

Why read the paper?

Longevity is changing many aspects of retirement beyond just the financial.

People are seeking ways to continue working or to create a new purpose. They want to stay healthy, active, and engaged as they journey through retirement.

The purpose of this report is to highlight the research guidance and share many of the statistics and visuals that show the importance of the non-financial aspects of planning for retirement.

The information in one report may not spell out the importance of this type of planning by itself. However, by connecting the points in multiple studies we can “connect the dots” that together tell the story of the strategic value of non-financial planning for creating a holistic plan for retirement. For many, it is the missing piece of retirement planning!

This 66-page report features 23 research studies looking at the importance of the non-financial aspects of retirement and longevity planning.

Included in the report are links to each of the research studies referenced in the paper to dig deeper into the findings. Many of the findings don’t need any highlights as they stand out on their own. Highlights and arrows were added to note specific relevant findings.

Here are the main points from the research:

  • Why the adjustment to retirement can be difficult.
  • Why the demand from pre-retirees for non-financial guidance represents a significant opportunity for advisors.
  • What are the non-financial aspects that are important to clients to thrive in retirement in an age of longevity.
  • What are the biggest non-financial fears, concerns, challenges, and difficulties clients face when transitioning into retirement.
  • What are the disconnects between what pre-retirees expect (Perceptions) retirement will be like and what retirees actually experience (Reality) in retirement.
  • What are the blind spots clients tend to overlook.
  • What retirees’ advice is to younger generations.
  • What are the key issues to understanding longevity literacy.
  • How the definition of success in retirement is changing and what it now includes.
  • How the emotional journey of retirement is underestimated and why it impacts a person’s happiness and satisfaction.
  • How longevity planning can benefit clients and financial services providers.
  • How holistic planning for retirement can provide an opportunity to broaden and deepen the client relationship-to satisfy and retain older clients-and can be a competitive differentiator for advisors.
  • Who clients think should be helping them plan for the non-financial aspects of retirement.

Ultimately, I hope these highlights in total help each of us who play a role in helping guide clients on their journey into and through retirement.

The final point the research makes, the summary point, is this:

Non-financial planning for retirement empowers people to envision their future and enables them to better understand and connect how their money supports their ideal lifestyle in retirement.

Holistic Retirement Planning (and Holistic Wealth) requires not only thinking about and planning for this time, but also doing the steps and introspection needed to prepare for life in retirement.

Here are two notable quotes from the research:

77% wish “there were more resources available to help them plan
for an ideal retirement beyond just their finances.”


It is more likely that non-financial considerations
dictate whether one has a good retirement.

The question that remains after reading the research throughout the years is this:

The question that remains after reading the research, as mentioned above is, “How can my firm implement this for the benefit of my clients and my firm?” This is what My Life’s Encore does.

All the great research that has been shared over the past number of years is a great start. However, if we choose to ignore what it is telling us we are missing a huge opportunity to help our clients live their best lives in retirement-a time that may last 30 years or more.

Isn’t that what we want for each of our clients?

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