Free White Paper For Financial Advisors

What is the purpose of this white paper?

Longevity is changing many aspects of retirement. People are seeking ways to sustain or create new purpose, passion, connections, health, and fitness when transitioning into retirement.
The purpose of this 20- page guide is to share the latest financial advisory industry research on the importance of helping clients plan for the NON‐Financial aspects- the mental, physical, social, and spiritual) of retirement‐ this creates Our Life’s Encore.

What you will learn from this white paper?

  • Why retirement transition and longevity planning is important
  • Why offer this service‐ an advisor’s testimonial
  • What are the benefits to clients and your firm
  • How to offer the service to your clients and potential clients
  • Where to learn more about this topic
    Included are links to the latest research studies referenced in the paper and a list of recent books (written by financial advisors and longevity experts) that address the challenges and opportunities.