Who We Are & Why We Do It

I founded My Life’s Encore with a simple idea, to help people answer the following question as they contemplate retirement…

“What is my life’s encore?”

Figuring out what we want to do once we leave our primary career can be challenging.

When I began coaching clients, I found that what really excited me was to bring this missing piece of retirement planning-based on the research and what retirees are telling us is important in retirement-(non-financial retirement transition and longevity planning) to clients of financial advisors, companies in the financial advice industry, and organizations that help people prepare for retirement.

To provide a more comprehensive non-financial retirement planning and longevity client experience-for both clients of financial advisors AND the financial advisory firms, I have partnered with other retirement coaches. Together we can help more people make a successful transition to retirement.

The retirement coaches I have partnered with have 1) retirement coaching certification, 2) experience coaching clients, and 3) gone through the retirement transition themselves (or have a spouse that has gone through the transition).

They understand the challenges and opportunities and they understand the thoughts and feelings that people go through during this transition.

We believe that being prepared for retirement involves planning for the potential challenges and possible opportunities to people in their ‘Encore.’ Longevity Planning involves being able to connect with the needed guidance on our journey through retirement-a time that may last 30 years or more.

We provide guidance on planning for the non-financial aspects of retirement-the physical, mental, social, and spiritual aspects that may affect a person during their transition into retirement.

We also believe that there are a number of challenges and opportunities that confront people as they move through the retirement phase of their lives, but that identifying the right resources can be daunting.

In addition, we provide longevity resources to connect people to the right solution for their particular situation or issue.

Why we do it.

From reading the research on longevity and how retirement is changing, along with working with pre-retirees and retirees over the past five years, it is clear that 1) people do not give the non-financial side of retirement much thought, and 2) those who do not plan for what life in retirement looks like-by understanding the challenges and opportunities-are much less likely to enjoy a happy, meaningful, and successful retirement.

Our goal is to help people live their ideal Encore.

Learn How We Do It.

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