In this post on Booming Encore, the author shares a video with a great message about how to view retirement- particularly when many of us will spend nearly as long in this phase as we did working. How we view and approach retirement, then, makes a huge difference in our success!

She writes, “Retirement. It’s something that so many people work for all their life but when they actually arrive they have no idea what to do with this time that they now have been given.

So what if we treated retirement as an opportunity for a renaissance? A time to discover new things, new people and new ways to give back to the world we all share.

In the following video, Gary Goldstein shares his personal retirement renaissance and how it has shifted over time. He now embraces life with a new perspective and appreciation for both nature and the people around him.

He believes that we have the opportunity to give to so many others during this time of life in that, “Everybody has something to give” and the chance to leave this world better than we found it.

So why not slow down, look around and appreciate the beauty that the world has given us.”

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