The author shares, “Like many of the Baby Boomers I work with in my executive coaching practice. They’ve had high-powered careers that they’ve found fulfilling and are core to their identities. As they approach so-called retirement age, they are ready (or forced) to transition out of their longtime professions and are somewhat anxious about what’s next. Their concerns are less financial than identity- and change-related: How can I successfully reinvent myself as I leave behind my career? What does the next phase look like for me? How can I make sure I don’t get bored?”

Note the point about concerns being less financial than about identity– this is extremely important to be aware of- as well as the other non-financial aspects like health, purpose, connections with others, feeling relevant, and being a part of something larger than ourselves and giving back in meaningful ways.

Although this article is from a few years ago, it makes some points in a way I have not heard before.

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