The author begins by sharing the sobering statistics and his decision; “One out of eight retirees plan to return to work this year, according to a recent survey. I’m one of them. Two and a half years after retiring from the corporate world, I’m headed back to work. “

Learn the reasons why, at age 64, the author reversed course and returned to work.

As he points out, “The bigger reasons I’m going back to work are personal in nature. They’re things I’ve learned about myself since I stepped away from my corporate management job in 2021.”

Retirement requires serious reflection about how we are “wired” in terms of how important work is to us (especially to our identity) beyond a paycheck and whether one can adjust to a life of predominantly defined by leisure (will we lose our feeling of being productive and making a contribution). For many, this is a difficult adjustment, both mentally and emotionally.

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