Sometimes, the the most obvious, common-sense lists like these are what we need to see and hear.  We need to be reminded that many of the answers are not difficult. This Kiplinger article highlights seven areas of retirement that need to be planned for. There are more, but this is a very good list to begin with.

What is harder for most of us is to take this common-sense advice and turn it into actionable results that make retirement happier, more meaningful, and a time we can look forward to.

We often believe that many of these things will work themselves out…but often learn later that this isn’t the case.

Ask yourself (honestly)…What am I doing today to address each of these areas for a better retirement? What do I need to begin doing to prepare for this transition?  Do this for each of the areas covered in the article.

Go on now, start creating your list!  No time like the present to begin this planning.

If you need help starting, or want some guidance along the way, feel free to contact me.

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