Retirement blogger Fritz Meyer of Retirement Manifesto shares the five things you must do before you retire. He has documented his journey planning for and transitioning into retirement and shares his experience in his blog.

This post is particularly good because it cover two areas that don’t get talked about enough (you will hear me discuss them)- estimate your spending and calculate your cash flow during retirement.  If you are confident in these numbers it will make the transition less stressful.

He also talks about how important it is to plan for those non-financial aspects that also need to be planned for.  Although it is mentioned last, it really should be #1 on the list.  Plan for all five and you should be set.

One of the readers who commented on the post also mentioned “getting smart on retirement” shortly before you retire.  I agree that it is helpful if you understand the various parts of retirement and how they come together to create your ideal retirement.

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