“I will find something to do that will help with the bills is one of many irrational rationalizations Retirement waits for no one; it’s coming fast for the youngest Baby Boomers and oldest Gen-Xers. The stark reality is many people are not ready, and studies show more than half of us wish we’d saved more and had a solid retirement plan.”

“One natural stress response is what psychologists refer to as a defense mechanism—chief among them is rationalization. Rationalization is when we cope with something that causes us discomfort by justifying our actions (or inactions) with what appears to be a logical strategy or story to move forward.”

Learn how to move past rationalizing and move past your retirement struggles.

Another one that I have heard and doesn’t work is, “I don’t need to plan for what I will do in retirement and how I will spend my time. Everything will work out. I will figure it out.”

Oftentimes it doesn’t work itself out unless we put in the work planning for what we want life in retirement to look like.

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