Great post on the Life After Full-time Work blog by Don Ezra. He says, “Big P or little p? I came across a couple of things recently that my mind connected – hence this blog post. One was Cassie Holmes telling us, in a talk, that for most of us the ideal number of discretionary hours in a day is in the 2 – 5 range. Less than that and we feel time poor, leading to too much stress. More than that and we feel we have too little purpose.

It occurred to me that this might be a particular problem for recent retirees, for whom the regularity of their days has been hugely disrupted, leading potentially to more than 5 hours of newly discretionary time a day.”

Read the post to learn why he thinks it isn’t necessary to have a life with Purpose, with a big P. It may be enough to have a life filled with many purposes, with a little p.

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