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Neuroscience Shows That 50-Year-Olds Can Have the Brains of 25-Year-Olds If They Do This

Since the study was done by a neuroscientist, the findings are interesting.  She read the scientific research and tested many of the things she had learned and been told. ...

Where to Find Free College Courses for Older Adults in All 50 States

Doing some research about learning opportunities in later life, I came across this excellent article.  It provides learning programs available in each of the 50 states. Although most are...

10 Questions With the Founder of the Retirement Coaches Association- Ep.7 (podcast/vblog)

I talk with the founder of The Retirement Coaches Association (RCA), Robert Laura, about what the RCA is and does as well as what retirement coaching is and how...

Why Do People Want to Travel?

“Someday I want to travel!” How often have you heard a friend or family member say that? How many times have you said it yourself? And why is travel...

Creating Your Happiness Portfolio for Retirement- Ep. 6 (podcast/vblog)

Marianne Oehser discusses her new book, Your Happiness Portfolio for Retirement- It's Not About the Money.  Creating your 'Happiness Portfolio' involves looking at eight areas of your life and...

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