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Deciding Where To Live In Retirement- Ep. 4 (podcast/vblog)

We have the ability move to another location in retirement more than any previous generation.  Many of us have travelled to or lived in other locations, so we are...

The Retirement Quiz That Everyone Is Failing

The article is a list of 10 of the most difficult retirement questions you will need to think about.  They are difficult because they make you think about and...

Single, Retired, and Vulnerable- Ep 3 (podcast/vblog)

Retirement coach and author, Doug Passanisi, discusses being forced to leave a position he had worked at for nearly 20 years. He suddenly realized he was 60, retired, and...

Let’s Retire the Word “Retirement”

What does the word “retirement” conjure up for you? Thoughts of a permanent vacation or an “End of the Road” sign? This phase of your life isn’t either one of...

Aging Doesn’t Need To Be a B****

I hear it a couple of times every week: “Getting old is a bitch!” Or the overworked, less profane version: “Getting old isn’t for sissies!” Occasionally, someone will resort to an...

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