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My Life's Encore- Living a balanced retirement by combining the financial and non-financial aspects.

The Latest

Reimagine Your Retirement Years With Dr. Seuss

One of my favorite newer sites that I follow is by fellow retirement visionary Paul Long of  In this episode of his vlog, he makes a wonderful connection...

The Other Side of Retirement- It’s Not All About the Money

Two of my recent posts have looked at what is missing in your planning for retirement.  I wanted to bring this topic back up because I strongly believe these...

The Power of Connection

A short article about the power of connection and successful aging from 3rd Act Magazine.  The article is written by a doctor who has conducted extensive research on the...

Mind The Gap! These Gaps In Your Retirement Plan Will Surprise You

For most of us life moves quickly, and before we realize it, we are confronted with moving into older age and deciding what are life will look like and...

Why Retirement Planning Should Be About Teaching Us How To Live In Retirement

Keep this one sentence in mind as you think about retirement: "But who teaches you how to live in retirement?" This article from Forbes is from awhile back, but the message...

Financial Planners Should Change the Retirement Conversation With Clients

When you think about retirement, consider first what what your vision of this time looks like.  What do you want to do and accomplish during a span of time...

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