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Recent Research Reveals Challenges and Opportunities For Better Retirement Planning and Preparedness

Recent research from the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies titled 'Wishful Thinking or Within Reach? Three Generations Prepare for Retirement' provides some interesting findings for people planning for their...

What Exercise Is Best For Longevity?

If we want to be able to move our bodies as we age, whether to walk while we travel or play with the grandkids, research shows that it is...

Getting a Roommate in Your Golden Years

There will likely be a lot of ideas in the near future about creating living spaces that function well for people who want to age in place.  This article...

The 10 Commandments of Retirement

A great list from A Satisfying Retirement blog listing the "commandments" to follow for a successful and satisfying retirement.  I particularly like the second to last item on the list, Don't...

Help! There’s Someone in My Sandbox!!!

One of the things retired couples have to confront is spending all of their time together.  Men often become bored and try to be the ultimate helper- fixing and...

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